About Us

National Probation Agency is a Legal Entity of Public Law acting under the remit of Ministry of Corrections of Georgia. It is based on a “Law on Procedure of Execution of Non-custodial Penalties and Probation”. Besides supervising function the main purposes of National Probation Agency are rehabilitation, re-socialization of probationers and crime prevention.

Along with representatives of National Probation Agency, in the process of rehabilitation, international society, non-governmental sector and the church are actively involved. With the help of this cooperation the development strategy of probation system is formed.

One of the priorities of Ministry of Corrections of Georgia is a full reform of probation system. The goal of this reform is to support the process of strengthening of probation system, intensive and efficient use of non-custodial penalties, rehabilitation and re-socialization of probationers. To increase the efficiency of execution of non-custodial penalties and for the appropriate working conditions, there are renovated and fully equipped probation bureaus on the entire territory of Georgia.

In the National probation Agency centralized electronic data base is functioning. It is connected with regional probation bureaus and is integrated in Georgia’s Governmental Network, which assists coordinative working of national Probation Agency with law enforcement entities. In the scopes of probation reform, new mechanisms of control are implemented. New dactyloscopy system allowed probation officers to focus more on the development of individual rehabilitation programs for probationers.

With the cooperation with donor organizations, in the probation system are successfully implemented methodology of risks and needs assessment, which is focused on crime prevention. Probation officers, after the interview with probationers and receiving proper information, assess the risks of possibility of repeated crime and form individual sentence plan.

In October, 2010 National Probation Agency became a member of Confederation of European Probation, which is the acknowledgment of a successful reform of probation system. Social workers and psychologists are working in the probation bureaus. They, with the help of individual interviews with juvenile probationers, identify problems of probationers and connect them with the services they need. Social workers of probation agency are also involved in diversion program.

With the support of probation bureaus hundreds of probationers were employed. Employment programs give probationers more motivation for personal development. Probationers are involved in educational and psycho- rehabilitation programs, to adapt with environment more easily and to achieve their goals without antisocial   behavior.