Individual Sentence Planning
Risk and needs assessment and individual sentence planning
Wok with probationers at all probation bureaus are conducted on the basis of risk and needs assessment and individual sentence planning methodology widely used in Western countries.
Goals of this methodology are:
  • Prevention of re-offend
  • Resocialization of the probationer
  • Creation of motivation for probationer to participate in rehabilitation programs.

Risk and needs assessment implies individual interview with the offender and detection of such criminogenic factors as:

1. Criminal career

2. Living conditions

3. Education and professional activities

4. Economic status

5. Relations and lifestyle

6. Dependences (drugs, alcohol, etc.)

7. Health and emotional state

8. Mentality and behavior

9. Values and attitudes.
On the basis of interviews with probationers and analysis of the information obtained from other sources probation officers assess the risk of re-offend.
Individual sentence plan envisages performing of the actions aimed at reduction of risk-factors, where problematic issues and measures of response are determined in details.
Given document is an agreement concluded between probation officer and probationer and by their signatures both sides take the responsibility for its execution.
According to the mentioned plan probation officer connects the probationer with various services, provides their employment and involvement in rehabilitation programs.
Based on the need and at specific periods probation officer carries out re-assessment of the changes of risk-factors and taking into account new circumstances makes changes in individual sentence plan.
All probationer officers have passed training course on the issues related to the risk-assessment and development of individual sentence plan. For better familiarization with this methodology special study tours to different countries have been organized for employees of the National probation Agency.