Care for Juveniles

National Probation Agency is oriented on resocialization of juvenile probationers that contributes to the prevention of re-offend. Due to implementation of European standards work with juvenile offenders in the probation system is based on the methodology of risk and needs assessment and individual sentence planning.

 In order to ensure qualified performance of individual sentence planning process the service of social worker and psychologist has been introduced at the Agency. All the probation officers working with juveniles have passed a special training course. Individual sentence planning implies detection of risks and needs of juvenile offenders through a special questionnaire, providing valuable information for appropriate planning and execution of the sentence.

On the basis of detected needs probation officer involves the juveniles in educational and rehabilitation programs, connects them with various services. Individual approach promotes rehabilitation of juvenile probationers and positively changes their attitude towards criminal behaviors.

 Such approach significantly contributes to the prevention of re-offend among juvenile offenders. In frames of liberalization of the legislation diversion and mediation programs have been introduced, that considers diversion of juveniles for first crimes of definite categories.

In case of settlement with the victim juvenile offender is bind to cover the damages to the victim within his/her possibilities and abilities. National Probation Agency participates in the diversion program through specially trained social workers who control resocialization process of the offenders on the daily basis.