Video Conversation
Under the initiative of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance  Issues an innovative project was implemented, aimed at maintenance of intensive contact of the offender with the society.
According to the amendments made in the Code on Imprisonment unprecedented service of video conversation has been implemented. Using this service any person can make direct visual and verbal contact with the offender.
It should be mentioned that video conversation with the offender can be done through probation bureaus - territorial units of the National Probation Agency.
At this stage video conversation service is available at Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Telavi, Akhalcikhe, Gori and Batumi probation offices and can be conducted with special facility for juveniles N11, #5 prison establishment for women, Ksani facility N15 and Rustavi N16 and N17 facilities.
Procedural issues:
• Video conversation with the offender may conduct any person based on the consent of the offender only;
• Video conversation can be conducted by 3 persons simultaneously. Limitation is not spread on close relative children of the offender under 10 years of age;
• Video conversation conducted by the juvenile should be attended by the adult person;
• Video conversation service can be used by the offender who have committed minor or serious crimes;
• Seekers of conducting the video conversation should submit appropriate application to the probation bureau 7 working days earlier;
• Application should be attached with the copies of personal identification documents of the persons participating in the video conversation;

• Video conversation with the offender can be conducted only once within 10 calendar days.