Completed Reforms
Reforms and Results

• Electronic database of probationers created and integrated with the government network;

• Electronic monitoring system supported by GPS technologies set up;

• Normative base for community service improved;

• Limited liberty establishment created within the penitentiary system, based on legislative amendments; 

• In line with European standards,in order to ensure the effective execution of sentences,number of probation officers increased;

• Enforcement actions by probation officers decreased by half;

• Methods of  risks&needs assessment and individual sentence planning  introduced envisaging interceding for the employment of inmates as well as for the involvement of probationers in rehabilitation programmes;

The new offices of probation bureaus are being built in accordance to a new concept;

• Repairing and equipping of probation offices on a par with international standards completed;

• Registration of probationers with the use of dactyloscopic scanners launched;

•  Innovative service of videoconferencing set up and people often use this service;

 • Online service of consultations  put into operation;

• Standing Commission on the Revocation of Probationary Sentences created;

• Social workers of the Agency actively involved in the juvenile diversion and mediation process; 

 Rule of temporary registration in different regions enacted;

• Georgian National Probation Agency became a member of the European Organization for Probation (CEP)ahead of schedule.

• National probation agency started a new type of non-custodial execution,house arrest,through electronic monitoring.