Service Fees

The amounts   in the case of the convicted sentenced person is traveling abroad the payment for permission to travel abroad are the following:

a) For the period up to one month _ 600 (six hundred) GEL; 
b) For the period from one to three months _ 1 200 (one thousand two hundred) GEL; 
c) For the period from three to six months _ 2000 (two thousand) GEL;
d) For the period from six to nine months _ 2 700 (two thousand seven hundred) GEL;
e) For the period from nine to twelve months _ 3 400 (three thousand four hundred) GEL.


- The amount for convicted person application regarding traveling abroad to be considered through urgent procedure, on the basis of transferring by you service fee for urgent procedure – 200 (two hundred) GEL;

- The amount for visiting at the probation office no more than once in a month – 400 Gel;