February 2, 2018
Probationers employed in Imereti
With the support of the employees of Zestaponi and Sachkhere Probation Bureaus acting under the remit of Ministry of Corrections of Georgia, probationers B.L and P.M were employed.

Imereti Probation Bureau individually studied the risks and need of each probationer.

Based on the proper assessment and issued recommendations, probationer B.L was employed as a vehicle loader at the “department of municipal improvement” in Sachkhere. His average monthly salary will be 350 Lari. Probationer P.M was employed as an electric welder at L.t.d. “Metalolami”, his average monthly salary will be 450 Lari.

One of the priorities of the National Probation Agency is to promote employment of probationers. In 2017, with the support of the agency, 108 were employed.
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