What does House Arrest mean?
Who can be imposed under House Arrest and for how long?
How the execution of minor’s House arrest is carried out?
Court has conformed suspended sentence of 3 years. My control was assigned to the Imereti Probation Bureau. In what period should I appear in the probation office?
I am an adult probationer. I’m registered at Tbilisi Probation Bureau. For some reason I cannot be present at the bureau at defined time, which sanctions will be imposed against me?
In what occasion is possible to remove conditional sentence before due timeand what procedures are necessary to go through?
I'm conditionally convicted person and my appearance day is every Thursday of each week. If my appearance date coincides on a weekend day, when should I have to declare at the Probation Bureau?
My conditional sentence will be expired on 10 April 2010, Saturday. On April 11 (Sunday), I would like to travel to Azerbaijan. Please explain, will I face any kind of problems at the Borders?
I am a probationer. I need urgent surgery in a clinic in Germany. How can I obtain the right to go abroad?
Is it possible to discuss permission to travel abroad in expedited time frame?
What period of time is a person considered to be convicted?
In what period of time is previous conviction considered expunged?
I am registered at the Tbilisi Probation Bureau. For family reasons I am going to move from Tbilisi to Akhaltsikhe. Do I have the right to move?
Who are members of the Standing Committee of expunged convicted persons?
How often does the standing committee hold a meeting about expunging convicted person?
In case of rejection of expunging conditional sentence, do I have a right to address this issue again to the standing committee?
I am registered at the Tbilisi Probation Bureau. Due to my work specifics I often have to travel for business trip for 1-2 months in different regions. Is it possible to register in other region’s probation bureau?
I am socially vulnerable convicted, I applied the statement to Probation Bureau for permission to travel abroad, after I received a positive response, but I do not have statutory fee to pay. Is it possible to free me from the obligation to pay fee?
What are the registration hours in Probation Bureaus?
I am a probationer with disabilities and I cannot move independently. What should I do with the obligation to appear in Probation Bureau?
What is the deadline to pay the fine imposed for violating the regime?
What will happen if I do not pay obliged fine for violating conditions within 30 days?
If I am sick, and I am not able to declare to the Probation Bureau, will my absence be excusable?
What documents should I present for the registration at the Probation Bureau ?
I am socially vulnerable. Is it possible to have any privilege regime regarding appearance days?
Is it possible to appear at the probation bureau once in a month?
The court imposed me conditional sentence. What will happen if I do not appear at the probation bureau?
I am socially vulnerable and my absence was recorded as an inexcusable, will I have to pay the fine?
I am a probationer at Tbilisi Probation Bureau ,for family reasons, I had to go to Racha, in particular, Oni region, because of heavy snow I cannot declare at the probation office. I am interested if my absence is excusable what necessary documentation should I present?
I am a probationer, Tbilisi City Court imposed a conditional sentence of 2 years with 3 year probation period to me , I wonder how long should I appear at the Probation Bureau.
My son is a probationer, he has a permission to travel abroad, and is now in Italy for business trip the permission period will expire in 20 days, he cannot afford to return  at this time to Georgia, I want to know if I can appeal to you with a request to extend the period of time?
I am a probationer at Tbilisi Probation bureau , after the risks and needs assessment probation officer obliged me to participate in rehabilitation activities and help of  psychologist, I want to know whether the course is obligatory and in case of refusal what sanction will be imposed against me?